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Shrooms kit. With our easy-to-use magic mushroom grow kits, you can harvest your own magic mushrooms as early as 10 days after receiving your delivery. Our grow kits arrive with mycelium fully grown, meaning that there are no specialist skills required —the work is already done for you!

You can pick from a variety of magic mushroom strains from the strongest McKennai strain to the highly popular Golden Teacher or Mexican.

With our magic mushroom grow kits, you can grow magic mushrooms from the comfort of your own home!

Every grow kit gives several flushes of shrooms in just a few weeks.

Buy Shrooms Kit Online | Magic Shroom Kit

Secondly, Our website has a handy species manual to pick out exactly what you want— whether a softer trip for a beginner or an intense psychedelic journey for the practiced psychonaut. If the freedom of growing your own shrooms sounds good to you, then you have to check out our range of magic mushroom grow kits!

With our pre-grown mycelium, all you need to provide is water and some care.

You could be harvesting your own magic mushrooms in no time!

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Moreover, Midwest Grow Kits is a premier seller of mycology products online for at-home growing or mass-quantity growing. Our home mushroom kits are the perfect growing solutions for experts and beginners alike. Our mushroom kits grow like no others!

The products we offer take the guesswork out of the equation and make mushroom-growing accessible to anyone who wants to dive into this interesting and fulfilling hobby. Browse our site to find everything that you may need to grow beautiful, edible mushrooms.

Finally, rest assured that our mushroom kits online have been expertly crafted for maximum yields. And with our dedicated customer care staff, you’ll be a growing expert in no time!

Magic Mushroom Kit | Buy Magic Mushroom Kits Online

Unlock the captivating world of mushroom cultivation with ease using our comprehensive Shroom Kit.

Inside, you’ll find carefully curated components designed to simplify the cultivation process.

Our Shroom Kit includes step-by-step instructions, making it simple and straightforward to cultivate your own supply of psychedelic mushrooms.

With our Shroom Kit, the possibilities are endless, and the adventure awaits.

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